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Welcome to Thomas A. Dill, P.C., Attorney at Law, a Crested Butte, Colorado Law Firm. We practice in the following areas: Estate Planning, Probate and Estate Administration, Criminal Defense Law, Condominium Law, Homeowners Association Law, Colorado Common Interest Communities Law, Real Estate Law, Environmental Law, Construction Law, Family Law, Business and Transactional Law, Mediation and Dispute Resolution. Thomas A. Dill, P.C., represents clients throughout the state of Colorado.

Thomas A. Dill

BA Stanford University 1982
JD University of Florida 1986
Member Colorado Bar and Federal District Court for District of Colorado

About Our Practice

Business Law

  • Real Estate 

    Thomas A. Dill’s experience as a developer of residential real estate and commercial real estate, in addition to his experience as a commercial real estate… More

  • Construction Law

    Over the last decade, Construction in Colorado has been a major state industry.  Construction law disputes have increased as overall construction has increased. More

  • Colorado Commercial Real Estate Law.

    Our attorneys handle a wide variety of commercial real estate issues including… More


    Home Owner’s Associations, Condominiums and other Common Interest Communities (CCIOA) More

Family Law

  • Estate Planning

    Estate planning is a process that involves planning for the distribution of your assets upon your death so that your assets go to the people and organizations that you desire… More

  • Probate Law and Estate Administration

    Probate involves the court proceedings to establish a will or heirs and to administer the estate of an individual who has passed away. More

  • Family Law

    Thomas A. Dill has been representing clients and mediating disputes involving family law matters for over ten years in many areas throughout Colorado. 

Criminal Defense

  • Criminal Defense

    Our firm has been representing criminal defendants in Colorado for over ten years.  The majority of our criminal defense law practice involves DUI’s, domestic violence, felonies and traffic violations.

  • General Colorado Probation Information

    Following a conviction, the judge must decide whether to grant probation. The judge may consider many factors, including: the nature of the offense, the criminal history of the defendant, the safety of the public…

Thomas A. Dill, P.C., Attorney at Law

- Reasonable fees
- In depth, careful analysis of evidence
- Aggressive and thorough investigation
- Protection of their clients' Constitutional Rights
- Persistence in negotiating with the prosecutor(s)

- Top quality trial performance

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