Colorado Commercial Real Estate Law.

Buyers and Sellers.  Our Attorneys represent companies and individuals with all aspects of real estate purchase-and-sale transactions, from initial negotiation, contracting and financing through inspection issues, title review, closing, and post-closing issues.  Our clients include investors and business owner-users alike, and the legal services often include the formation of holding entities such as limited liability companies and “Sub-chapter S” corporations.

Developers.  Our law firm has represented developers of retail, office and entertainment venues, and developers of condominium, common interest community, and townhouse projects.  We work on acquisition, financing and entitlement issues. We draft covenants, conditions, easements, restrictions, party-wall agreements and other agreements affecting the use of the property. We also negotiate and prepare subdivision improvement and other developer-government agreements.  In addition, our attorneys can assist with the leasing of the developed project and its ultimate sale.

Commercial Landlords.  We represent landlords of all categories of commercial properties – office, retail, industrial and warehouse/office flex space – in negotiating and leasing their properties.

Commercial Tenants. Thomas A. Dill, P.C., Attorney at Law represent commercial tenants leasing office, retail, industrial and warehouse/office space.  Our lawyers also assist subtenants and tenants in the role of sub-landlords.

Colorado Commercial Real Estate Issues.  Our attorneys handle a wide variety of commercial real estate issues including:

Title and boundaries
Title insurance matters
Building additions or modifications
Acquisition and disposition of raw land for commercial development
Eminent domain
Nuisance, Trespass, and encroachment
Broker issues
Land use, permits, and zoning
Living trusts
City redevelopment agreements
Preparing property management and brokerage agreements
Interpretation and Enforcement of Covenants and Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R’s)
Site management
Construction, defects and mechanic’s liens
Leasing and selling of property
Mortgage negotiation
Financing and refinancing
Purchase and sale agreements
Drafting and enforcing easements
Real estate disputes
Sale disputes
Contract issues
Specific performance
Property taxes

Property Tax Assessments.  Our law firm has represented a number of clients in disputing their property tax assessments.  With the volatile real estate market these days, property tax assessments can vary a great deal over a short period.  Not all adjustments to real property valuations can be supported by comparable real estate values.

Disputes involving the classification of real property are increasing as a result of higher property tax assessments.  Our firm has experience both representing clients and mediating disputes involving changes in the classification of real property for tax assessment purposes.