Construction Law

Colorado Construction Law.  Over the last decade, Construction in Colorado has been a major state industry.  Construction law disputes have increased as overall construction has increased.  For over ten years, Thomas A. Dill, P.C., Attorney at Law has been representing developers, general contractors, sub-contractors and individuals building their dream homes.

General Contractors.  We have assisted many general contractors as they set up their businesses, draft their contracts, hire employees and try to understand their legal rights and responsibilities.  Sometimes even the best general contractors get involved in disputes.  Contractor disputes can be with owners, sub-contractors, insurance companies, or the local or Colorado government.  A well organized general contractor is less likely to get involved in disputes and if a well organized general contractor does get into a dispute, he is more likely to get out of the dispute quickly and painlessly than an unorganized general contractor.  Getting organized starts with making sure that all agreements are in writing, are fair and are completely understood by the general contractor.  Compliance with Colorado requirements concerning business entities and employees is another way to get and stay organized.

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