Probate Law and Estate Administration

Probate involves the court proceedings to establish a will or heirs and to administer the estate of an individual who has passed away.  Many people think that simply having a will takes care of all post-death matters. However, the probate process entails the determination of the will as valid by the probate court, the collection of all the assets of the estate, the payment of the debts of the estate, and the distribution of the remaining proceeds of the estate.

In Colorado, many estates can be administered through an informal probate, in which papers are filed with the court but there are no court appearances required.  Thus, our firm can represent the estates of people throughout Colorado from our offices in Crested Butte without the need for our lawyers to travel for court appearances.

In complex and disputed cases a formal probate will provide for court rulings on the proper distribution and administration of assets.  In such cases, our attorneys can travel to courts throughout Colorado to provide a comprehensive and aggressive representation of your estate or the estates of your loved ones.

Personal Representative.  If you have been named as a personal representative in a will of someone who recently passed away in Colorado, your appointment as the personal representative must be made by a Colorado Court if the estate of the deceased individual will be administered in Colorado.